you can all read, right?
Yeah yeah, so most of these were made up by me. They'll just make my life easier, so read them before emailing me.

Who's Axel?!
Go read the shrine section, specifically the Intro page.

What's Kingdom Hearts?
....It's a video game and a manga. If you don't know that much, I wonder how you got here.

Omg I hate Axel!! He sucks!!!!!!111
Okay, then click that little 'x' on the corner of your window. :)

Eww, your site sucks!
If you think I could do better, then feel free to drop me some suggestions (only if you're going to be polite though). If you just hate it, then leave.

I found a direct-linker!
Report them to me and/or their host, please. I don't tolerate this at all.

Yo, someone stole your stuff...
OMGWTF?! Then please email me about it.

Can I take _____ from your site?
Avatars require credit, and they, along with wallpapers, may not be displayed on any other site without given permission. Wallpapers are fine to use on your own desktop, of course.

Hey, that layout/avatar/wallpaper looks nice! I'm just gonna take part of it, change it a little, and call it my own.
NO!! I'll send a furious Axel after you, dammit.

Oh, I like your content. I'm gonna put it on my site now.
NOOO!!!! I spent a long time thinking and writing up all of that, so please don't take it. I don't own Axel or Kingdom Hearts, but my essays are my own hard work, so leave them be.

Can I take your layout's coding?
Absolutely not!!

I'm not Axel, obviously, but I'll let him know that, because I can definitely communicate with video game characters.

The stuff you write is crap.
Oh, I'm sorry you feel that way.

You f***in b****! You spoiled the game for me!!!
I believe there's a spoiler warning on the first page. It's not my fault if you didn't read it.

Your information is wrong, idiot.
Is that so? If it's my own speculation, then I believe I'm entitled to my own opinion here on my own site. If it's something about the facts, then please email me about it.

Can you put up the manga scans?
Um, no. Maybe in the future I'll scan some pages in, but definitely not the whole volumes. I encourage you to buy them.

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